Horton and Wraysbury Neighbourhood Plan

Updated 13th June 2019



Latest Position

The Steering Group is pleased to announce that the Horton and Wraysbury Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to RBWM on Monday, January 21, 2019, under Regulation 15 of the Town and Country Planning, England, Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012).

The royal borough as the Local Planning Authority will now take over the Plan and will publicised it for further consultation for a period of 6 weeks.   Any representations then made by residents or consultees will be forwarded to an Independent Inspector, who will examine the Plan to make sure that it meets all its legislative requirements.

The Independent Examiner’s recommendations on whether the plan should go forward, either in its current or an amended form, to referendum will then be formally considered by the Royal Borough who will hopefully agree that our Plan can proceed to Referendum.

Subject to the Plan being accepted as satisfactory and all of the relevant criteria complied with, we can hopefully expect a Referendum on the Plan to take place during the summer.

All electors in the two parishes, will be able to vote with the question likely to be:  “Do you want 
the Horton and Wraysbury Neighbourhood Plan to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?” The vote will have a yes or no option and will be decided by a simple majority.

The Steering Group appreciate that the community may have wondered why the Plan had not progressed earlier.  It was not of our making, as the Submitted Version was presented to the parish councils in March/April, 2017, and both ratified it.   The Plan was then ready to be passed over to the Local Planning Authority, being RBWM.
However, the extraordinary delay of nearly two years was caused by administrative issues at the Borough and the disputed interpretation of the need for a lengthy Strategic Environmental Analysis process.  The Steering Group, who felt it was not required, had to seek an independent opinion on this point and finally the Borough agreed that the process was not necessary. 
With such a long delay and despite much bewilderment we hope the community understands the frustrations we all feel at this bureaucratic setback and maintain the belief that our Neighbourhood Plan may yet come to fruition.


As of June 2019, we are working on the responses to the Regulation 15


Review of Draft


The draft submission version is available on the Latest Versions page.   It will stay there until the Borough put the actual submitted version on their web site, at which time this draft submission version will be removed, and a link inserted to the location on the Borough's Web Site.  This will ensure that there is no synch problems between locations.


See news page for more information.



What is a Neighbourhood plan?


A Neighbourhood Plan is a way of helping local communities to influence the future planning of the area in which they live and work. The Plan must be an evidence-based assessment of the social, economic and environmental needs of a community. This Plan will give the local community an opportunity to have a greater say in the planning and development of the village over the next ten to fifteen years. Once adopted the Plan will have legal weight and will be used when making planning decisions in the Parish.


A Neighbourhood Plan allows us all to:- 

  • Have a say in where new homes, shops and offices and other developments should be built. 
  • Identify and protect or develop local green spaces.
  • Influence what new buildings should look like.
Open Day
Although overtaken by events, as you would expect, the slides for the open day are still available for your perusal by following the link below.
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