Horton and Wraysbury Neighbourhood Plan

Updated 16th March 2017


Latest position
Following the consultation on the Pre-Submission version of the Neighbourhood Plan and amended as necessary, the Plan has now been handed over to the parish councils for approval.  A response has been received from Horton Parish Council.  These comments haved been reviewed by the steering group and the Plan will be modified accordingly, along with any changes precipitated by comments from Wraysbury Parish Council.  The history of these comments and the resultant actions and any changes will be reflected in the Consultation document as are all other responses received.
It will then be sent to the Royal Borough for scrutiny and to check that it meets all the legal requirements.
The borough will then carry out its own six-week consultation, giving consultees and residents the chance to make any representations before it goes for independent examination. 
Note:  One major amendment is that the Plan's allocation for housing in Coppermill Road has had to be withdrawn - as the latest Government Housing White Paper has changed the rules on who can alter Green Belt boundaries.    This site is still a proposal by RBWM's emerging Local Plan as the senior authority regarding Green Belt.

Review of Draft


The draft NP has been presented to the Parish Councils for their review following the incorporation of your comments.  That version is not available on this site, but the immediately previous version is available on the Latest Draft page


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Broken Links


The broken links on the additional documents page have been fixed.


What is a Neighbourhood plan?


A Neighbourhood Plan is a way of helping local communities to influence the future planning of the area in which they live and work. The Plan must be an evidence-based assessment of the social, economic and environmental needs of a community. This Plan will give the local community an opportunity to have a greater say in the planning and development of the village over the next ten to fifteen years. Once adopted the Plan will have legal weight and will be used when making planning decisions in the Parish.


A Neighbourhood Plan allows us all to:- 

  • Have a say in where new homes, shops and offices and other developments should be built. 
  • Identify and protect or develop local green spaces.
  • Influence what new buildings should look like.
Open Day
Although overtaken by events, as you would expect, the slides for the open day are still available for your perusal by following the link below.
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