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Latest News Updated 6th November 2017

What happens next with the Neighbourhood Plan


Last autumn, the Steering Group published the Pre-Submission Version of the neighbourhood plan and we invited comments over an eight-week period. We received a good level of response, both from residents and the statutory bodies.


The Steering Group carefully considered each and every contribution made. As a result, the Plan has been amended, in a number of instances, to reflect the points raised. We were not able to respond to some issues raised, such as those which sought to deal with the after-use of gravel extraction, as mineral and waste sites are what legislation describes as “excluded development”, which neighbourhood plans cannot deal with.


The Steering Group has also had to respond to changes in the national planning picture since the last version. You may recall that the draft plan was proposing to allocate a site in the Green Belt in Coppermill Road, which backed on to the reservoir, for starter homes. However, whilst the Government had published for consultation, proposals that would have allowed neighbourhood plans to allocate such sites in the Green Belt for starter homes, in the last few weeks it announced that it will no longer be taking up that suggestion. Therefore, the final version of the Neighbourhood Plan removes that allocation, although the site is still being considered by the Royal Borough, for inclusion, in its draft Local Plan.


The amended neighbourhood plan now becomes what is known as the Submission Version. The document has been reviewed by both Horton Parish Council and Wraysbury Parish Council and both have approved the Plan following some modifications they both made. The Plan is awaiting an environmental screening opinion, once given it will be handed to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. Once submitted the Borough’s planners will check the Plan meets all the legal requirements, including being accompanied by a Consultation Statement, which describes how the public have been able to contribute and influence the policies in the plan and also a Basic Condition Statement which sets out the Neighbourhood Plan compliance with national and strategic local policy If the Royal Borough is satisfied that all the right boxes have been ticked, it will carry out its own six-week consultation on our Plan.  Any comments made then by residents or consultees will be forwarded to an Independent Examiner, who will make sure that the Plan meets all its legislative requirements.


Their report will recommend whether the plan should go forward, either in its current or an amended form, to referendum. The Independent Examiner’s recommendations will then be formally considered by the Royal Borough who will hopefully, agree that our plan can now proceed to referendum, later this year.

All electors in the two parishes, will be able to vote on the question of “Should the Horton and Wraysbury Neighbourhood Plan be used as the basis for determining planning applications in the two parish areas?”


                                                Horton and Wraysbury Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group


Our Overarching Vision

To retain and enhance the particular characters of our historic villages, while allowing for sustainable growth and ensuring that the infrastructure reflects the community’s needs and wishes, keeping it an attractive, well-planned and safe place for everyone.

Our Main Objectives

•             Protect the character of the Plan Area as being rural and semi-rural villages.

•             Maintain our green open spaces and surroundings for recreation, including a designated footpath network, and to protect the Green Belt. 

•              Protect and enhance local green areas and their biodi

versity value to ensure local people have access to nature.

•             Respond to the housing needs of our community by development that is sustainable and sympathetic to the area, and maintain a supply of small properties for those wishing to downsize or get on to the housing ladder and stay in the villages.

•             To protect our heritage assets, both Listed and non-designated, and to protect buildings of community value.

•             Protect and encourage small and medium size businesses, including retail and make it attractive for people to work and shop locally

•             Encourage proper flood protection and not to increase the amount of building in the floodplain - and to support the River Thames Scheme. 

Fred Parsons

Steering Group meeting notes are available through the links below.


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