Horton and Wraysbury Neighbourhood Plan

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Updated 29th August 2020

If you have a general query, or wish to pass on information to the Secretary, email info@hwnp.co.uk

Members of the steering group

 Fred Parsons  Secretary
 Margaret Lenton  Wraysbury PC
 Eileen Coogan  Horton PC
 Peter Lord    Technology
 Diana Hughes   Planning
 Julie Gomme  Housing
 Lynn Holden  Author
 Dawn Funnell  Projects 








External Support

 Robert Paddison  RBWM 
 Brian Whiteley  Planning Aid England
 John Slater  Consultant




Contact Us


IIf you need to contact the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group,  please be aware that from now you will need to email either the Wraysbury Parish Council or th Horton Parish Council.  Their details can be found on their Web Sites.

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