Horton and Wraysbury Neighbourhood Plan

Latest Versions

Character Assessment Updated 18th December 2018

Below is a link to the pdf version of the Character Assessment document produced by the Steering Group.  It is a comprehensive view of the various distinguishable areas within the plan and forms an important addendum to the final Neighbourhood Plan

Character Assessment 18 Dec 2018
A comprehensive review of the character and charm of Wraysbury and Horton
Adobe Acrobat document [10.1 MB]

Submission Version Presented to RBWM - Updated 20th February 2019 with further comments 29th August 2020

The RBWM have now released our submitted version to their Web site.  The link to the draft version has therefore been removed from this page.

To view the version being reviewed by RBWM please use this link  rbwm.objective.co.uk/file/5258214

In due course there will be a separate consultation document issued listing all the comments received together with notes post our discussions and the effect on the plan.

It is, by definition, past the point at which you could give any responses to this plan. However you can see the accepted plan by following this link: www3.rbwm.gov.uk/info/200209/planning_policy/1517/horton_and_wraysbury_neighbourhood_plan/2

Subjects that have been considered in the plan include the following:-

  • Housing development including affordable housing and bringing vacant or derelict housing back into use.
  • Provision for businesses to set up or expand their premises.
  • Transport (including issues around roads, cycling, walking and access for disabled people).
  • The development of schools, places of worship, health facilities, leisure and entertainment facilities, community and youth centres and village halls.
  • The restriction of certain types of development and change of use.
  • The design of buildings.
  • Protection and creation of open space, nature reserves, allotments, sports pitches, play areas, parks and gardens, and the planting of trees.
  • Protection of important buildings.
  • Promotion of renewable energy projects, such as solar energy and wind turbines and hydro-electricity. 

The interactive map below shows information on various features of the Neighbourhood Plan. It is not part of the plan itself, although parts of it have been used to qualify information within the plan. You may find it useful to locate items discussed in the plan. It is a live document, so expect it to change as more details become available.

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